Ruckus ZoneFlex R600

Ruckus ZoneFlex R600

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  • Wireless access point
  • Wi-Fi
  • Dual Band
  • Ruckus ZoneFlex R600 - Wireless access point - Wi-Fi - Dual Band

    The Ruckus ZoneFlex R600 indoor AP is optimized for mid-sized organizations requiring higher performance and support for more devices.

    Mid-sized businesses, branch offices, schools, hotel chains, retail outlets, restaurants, multi-tenant office buildings, hotspots - these are just some of the environments where high-speed, easy to manage Wi-Fi is critical to productivity, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction.

    This mid-range 802.11ac wireless access point incorporates top performance patented technologies found only in the Ruckus Wi-Fi portfolio.

    BeamFlex+ adaptive antenna technology directs each packet over the best performing signal path, extending coverage range and mitigating interference automatically. ChannelFly technology chooses the best channel to give users the highest throughput - delivering up to 50 percent capacity gain over competitive dynamic channel selection approaches.

    Whether organizations are deploying ten or ten thousand APs, the R600 is also easy to manage through the appliance, virtual and cloud management options.

    The R600: Supports up to 512 clients on a single AP; Supports more services - including streaming HD media, cloud applications, web browsing, and email; Easily handles the transmission of challenging content - including jitter and 


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